1. Do not speak loudly when you are in train trip

Japan is a country with many rules, speak quietly in a train trip is a modicum of respect.  In public places, people are expected to consider how they are invading people’s privacy and should refrain from doing so.

2. Ignoring garbage classification 

Japan has limit space for landfills, so you better get used to sorting garbage or else you’re all gonna drown in trash!

1. Combustible

Combustible trash or burnable trash, which is collected twice a week, includes paper (wastepaper, kitchen roll, diapers), plastic bags and wrappers (food wrappers, gift wrappers, candy wrappers, grocery bags), rubber and leather (bags, shoes, slippers, boots), tubes and other plastic containers (toothpaste containers, cooking oil containers, soy sauce containers, ketchup containers, margarine containers, yogurt containers).

2. Incombustible

Collected once a month, non-burnable trash includes long plastics (plastic cords, hoses, rope), ceramic wares (teacups, plates, flower pots), metals, glass (flower vases, eyeglasses), and small appliances (flat irons, radio cassettes, rice cookers).

3. Oversized Garbage

This includes home furniture such as cupboards, bookshelves, sofas, beds, tables, and others, over 50-centimeter long stuffed toys, bicycles, below 60cc motorcycles, electric fans, vacuum cleaners, carpets, and bedding.

4. Bottles and Cans

This trash is generally collected twice a month. Bottles include empty glass containers (caps must be removed), tin cans, and aluminum cans. These must be put in separate garbage bags, or you can deposit them in the provided boxes as they are. “Pet” bottles, which are plastic drinks bottles (with the number 1 inside a triangle symbol) must also be in a separate garbage bag with their caps removed, washed, cleaned, and compressed (you can do this by stepping on them).

3. Do not take any own food or drink to a restaurant

Customers who bring their own food or drink to a restaurant, where people are earning their living by providing them, will be regarded as an impolite person or a person with no sense. So do not “bring your own” unless you find a sign or something, that says you can “bring your own”.

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