Haneul Park Seoul(Sky Park)

If you were in Seoul now, world cup park – haneul par(sky park)  is a good choose. 

Haneul Park: Haneul Park consists of vast grassland located at the highest elevation of the five parks. The park’s pasture is covered with eulalias and wild flowers in their most natural state. In addition, 30,000 butterflies of different species were introduced in 2000 to stabilize the ecosystem. Five wind-powered generators provide power to the park and the park’s maintenance office. Once a mountain of garbage, it is now a green hill with 22 lookout points offering breathtaking views of Seoul, including the N Seoul Tower, Bukhansan Mountain, and Hangang River. Tall trees are line the park to provide shades and serve as resting spots for visitors. As a popular spot to enjoy the sight of eulalias, the park usually remains open until late in the evening during the Eulalia Festival period. 

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