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What Client’s Say

Hi Tina,

Thanks again, it was a wonderful holiday. The only bad thing was coming back, and being overloaded with work, which is the reason that I am only writing now. Meanwhile Carmen also returned to Canada.

The trip was perfectly organized! You may give my email address to maximal three similar clients. Similar in sense that they consider a small private very exclusive tour in Japan, with many personal guides.

Last but not least many thanks to you. Having the many interactions prior to the holiday was part of the fun.

Warm regards,

Ico, from Canada
Hello Tina,
Just wanted to let you know we are now home from China.
We appreciate very much what you organised for us. Has made our travel very easy and organised.
All of drivers and tour guides very helpful and understanding. Nothing was a trouble for them.
Everywhere we went they were there on time to pick us up.
We also thank you very much for checking with them to see if we arrived safely.
Our Yangtze River Cruise with Century Sky was more than expected.
We thank you once again Tina, and will hear from you.

Patricia McHugh

Patricia McHugh, from Australia
Thanks for asking.

Overall, our trip to South Korea was everything we expected despite the saber rattling of the tin horn N Korea dictator.
Our favorite tour was the DMZ. The 2 days spent in and around Busan were very educational and the guides were very good.
Your services and staff leave us with a feeling of “we got what we paid for”.
Allan Johnson

Allan Johnson, from USA
Hello Tina:
The trip to Seoul overall was very good. The tour guide (Yoon) we had for two days was exceptional. He tried to make his part interesting, the tour good and at all times was gracious to us.
We had a wonderful time in Korea and enjoyed the tour(s), kimchi experience added on with you, the village tour and our exposure to the culture and people. One of the restaurants we went to provided a most wonderful dining experience. The server there knew we did not know what to do cooking for ourselves and was so gracious helping us with the meal. She stayed with us and gave us reason for a handsome tip and return the last evening to enjoy a meal there. I felt she had to be a wonderful person and wished we could have conversed with her beyond “kom som e da, kom som e da!” Best wishes to you and your staff.

Carl & Hailing

Carl & Hailing, from USA

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